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Church is now Online

Following the government regulations in respect of all meetings, we are joining together with Christian Science Society Chichester to hold our church meetings via Zoom, and all in-church Services and Meetings have been suspended until further notice. If you would like to join us for our Zoom Service (Meeting ID: 5138848372                                          ), please, just click on THIS LINK or call 0203 051 2874 and enter the same Meeting ID and password when prompted. We would love to have you on board!
Further details on how to connect can also be obtained via
email or by calling 07740 125947.

We are doing this out of a sense of respect for the rule of law, "rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's". This is not done out of a sense of fear but in a sense of love for all mankind. "True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection." (Mary Baker Eddy). In making these unusual arrangements to meet the circumstances of our time, let us know that we are learning to demonstrate how to include all mankind in that "one affection".

In compliance with government advice aimed at dealing with the current situation our Reading Room will remain closed until further notice.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call 07464 387487


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Christian Science helps many individuals around the world to meet the challenges of daily life and we are happy to share what we have learnt.


You shall know the truth and the

truth shall make you free.

John 8:32